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Dalisia Coppersmith is an internationally experienced speaker, executive coach, and founder of the Reviving Athena movement—her personal mission to restore the women who can change our world.  She specializes in dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership and elevating those who build inclusive organizations and vibrant communities. Learn more at

Dalisia will curate the perfect tone and content for your audience so they will see themselves in her stories and insights into this common experience of "otherness." Her diversity talks will leave everyone feeling understood and respected.  Everyone is welcome and invited to be part of positive change.

Let Dalisia be a catalyst for the mindset shifts and culture that you want to build. Click below for more information on her signature Reviving Athena series, keynotes, diversity talks, and podcast guest appearances.

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Dalisia's primary speaker page is on, but you are welcome to send us a quick message here. We'll reach out soon!