Happy Holidays! Here's to Starting Again in the New Year!

reviving athena Dec 25, 2021

Hello, everyone! Dalisia here, founder of Revive Learning & Wellness and long overdue blogger. I hope everyone is smack in the middle of a wonderful holiday season and ready to get a fresh start a few days from now in 2022.

I've been dabbling part time in the wellness world for years as a recovering adrenaline junky, mindfulness & meditation teacher, life coach, and restorative yoga teacher. Now I'm launching online offerings, including Reviving Athena (my movement to "Restore the Women Who Can Change Our World"). I've moved the Reviving Athena content over to a website dedicated to that effort. You can find it at www.revivingathena.com.

On the Revive Learning & Wellness side (where you are now), members and new clients will have access to personal growth and wellness courses, retreats, and online coaching to reach their mindful living and wellness goals. We also offer in-studio programs, classes, coaching and events for our local community. 

Back to "starting again..." Why not set one old (yes, old!), challenging goal for yourself in 2022? It doesn't have to be anything impossible. In fact, some of the hardest goals to reach are completely within our control! Complexity isn't helping or hindering us--but simplicity can really throw us for a loop. Think about the simple act of cutting out one item from our diet, or waking up 30 minutes earlier to meditate or exercise. Simple, right?  :)

May I suggest digging into the archives of your past goals--the ones you really meant to get to but didn't. No need to design some elaborate goal for this year--just design a better way for you to accomplish one of them. Accountability partners, coaches, and deadlines work wonders. My 2022 recycled goal will be running another marathon. COVID may have cancelled a lot of races, but that wasn't an excuse for me to stop running. There is no excuse. So!...one foot in front of the other in '22.

What will your new OLD goal be this year? Nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga...? Pick one and let us know what it is. We'd love to help you achieve it!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!




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