Welcome to a life-changing opportunity for renewal!

Our studio was established to provide our members and visiting clients with personal growth, rest and relaxation, and a sense of community as we learn and grow together. 
We provide classes, coaching, spiritual counseling, retreats and special events to our local community members as well as hybrid and virtual events to support our friends far away.
Our core curriculum includes:
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The gifts of calmness, clarity, rest, and balance are things everyone wants--but they are gifts we can only give ourselves. Our signature program is truly an inner journey that brings your life, your patterns, and your desires into focus, then builds your capacity to shift your thinking and emotions through moment-to-moment awareness and conscious living. The result is the more relaxed, loving, and intentional version of yourself that you've been searching for.

The REVIVE Life Coaching Model guides you through through six practices that will transform your life and your relationships forever: 

  • Reflection: quiet contemplation, meditation or prayer that brings us clarity
  • Essence: our true and invariable nature, without which our identity is diminished
  • Vibration: the elevation of life-force energy that integrates our shadows and our light
  • Intention: the focused exertion or determination of the mind toward its goal
  • Vitality: our capacity for love, wholeness, and a meaningful, purposeful existence
  • Equilibrium: a state of balance caused by the equal action of opposing forces within

Join us for a journey that will equip you with the mindset and habits of wholehearted, happier living for the rest of your life. We look forward to growing together with you in our community!


Our Methods

Our philosophy for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align your mind, heart, body, and spirit for total balance. This includes mindfulness for calmness and focus, yoga and nutrition for physical vitality, and wellness courses, coaching and spiritual counseling for life enrichment.

Personal Growth

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