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Revive Learning & Wellness is a community devoted to lifelong health and wellness, providing online and studio-based classes, coaching, special events and wellness retreats to support healthy living and the continuous growth of our members and guests.

Whether you're looking for a studio for meditation, yoga, nutrition, or personal growth programs...or you prefer online, geographically unlimited learning, we have what you need to pursue your wellness goals.

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Learning & Wellness for You

Our community is founded on the belief that we are all beautiful works in progress, with unique talents and gifts that are to be nurtured and shared.

We specialize in helping one another find and cultivate those unique gifts through community learning and growth. 

Let us help you achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit for balanced living and renewed purpose.  

We provide online and in-studio classes for wellness and personal growth, as well as coaching, counseling and quarterly retreats.

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We offer three wellness paths to explore:

Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

Personal & Group Wellness Coaching

R.E.V.I.V.E. Life Coaching Track

Depth Hypnosis Counseling

Wellness Workshops & Meditation

Revive Wellness & Healing Series

Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing

Focused Awareness Meditation

Wellness Retreats & Special Events

In-Studio & Virtual Mini-Retreats

Spiritual Vitality Retreat at Vedanta

Special Events & Free Class Fridays

Balanced, Intentional Living

With workshops, individual and group coaching, wellness courses in the studio, and quarterly retreats for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle without traveling across the country and spending thousands of dollars for a weekend away!

Let our caring and experienced instructors and coaches help you set your wellness goals for this year and beyond.

Take a single class or book our workshop series and save! 

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Building Your Meditation Practice   $30

Learn the five core practices of Focused Awareness Meditation that ease you into a calm, meditative state. The result is reduced stress, more sustainable concentration, and mindfulness techniques for a lifetime. This class (or an equivalent course) is a prerequisite for all other courses with our studio.

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!


Moving From Reaction to Intention   $75

This workshop will help you identify and overcome emotional reactivity and negative relationship patterns at home and at work. Trace and reframe your family lineage and unconscious habits. The result is happier, healthier, peaceful connections.

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!


To Live in the Present   $75

This class can help you trace the origins of both conscious and hidden memories and emotions. Learn how the roots of lived experience drive our beliefs and actions today. Unlock your past so you can live more fully in the present and future. 

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!

The Journey Within:  

Tapping Into the Subconscious Mind   $150

Learn the surprising history and practices of ancient healing to overcome the invisible roots of mental, emotional, and physical suffering. Connect with your higher self and develop your internal wisdom for lifelong spiritual strength and support.

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!


Conflict Resolution   $75

Discover the Coming to Peace process designed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD and learn to identify and manage internal and external conflicts that sabotage your intentions and relationships. This experience is ideal for anyone who struggles with stepping into conflict mindfully and confidently.  Build inner peace and stronger bonds for a lifetime!

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!


Mini Retreat for Spiritual Wellness  $250

Discover profound healing through Depth Hypnosis, a method designed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD. Learn how transpersonal psychology, shamanic healing practices, and hypnotherapy are brought together to build your self-healing abilities for life.

Stay tuned... Coming again this fall!

Nice to meet you! 

I’m Dalisia, founder of Revive Learning & Wellness and a certified Executive and Life Coach, Depth Hypnosis Counselor, and Focused Awareness Meditation Teacher. I help clients to heal their minds and bodies from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose. I am so excited you've made it this far and I want to encourage you to continue this journey.

This just might be your best year ever--if you're willing to invest in high-quality "you time!"

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