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We are a community devoted to lifelong health and wellness, providing online and studio-based classes, coaching, special events and wellness retreats to support healthy living and the continuous growth of our members and guests.

Whether you're looking for a studio for meditation, yoga, nutrition, or personal growth programs...or you prefer online, geographically unlimited learning, we have what you need to pursue your wellness goals.

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Learning & wellness for life

Our community is founded on the belief that we are all beautiful works in progress, with unique talents and gifts that are to be nurtured and shared.

We specialize in helping one another find and cultivate those unique gifts through community learning and growth. 

Let us help you achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit for balanced living and renewed purpose.  

We provide online and in-studio classes for wellness and personal growth, as well as life coaching and quarterly wellness retreats.

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We offer three wellness paths to explore:

Personal Growth & Coaching
Meditation & Restorative Yoga
Wellness Retreats & Special Events

Balanced, intentional living

With courses and meditations available online, individual and group coaching, weekly wellness courses in the studio, and  quarterly retreats for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle without traveling across the country and spending thousands of dollars for a weekend away!

Let our team of caring and experienced instructors and coaches help you set your wellness goals for this year and beyond.

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These popular individual and online classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a monthly lifestyle program.


Six Steps to Wellness for High-Achieving Women

Welcome to a life-changing opportunity to renew and reconnect with your values and your purpose. Our signature program is a deep, inner journey that  will restore you to your essence, guide you to a place of calm and focus, and harness your old patterns of intensity and overwork. Enjoy weekly on-demand learning modules, restorative practices, and group coaching. This year, give yourself the gift of a more relaxed, loving, and intentional you!

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Build mutual respect and stronger bonds!

Enjoy this deep dive on healthy workplace relationships and ways you can replace assumptions and competition with deeper appreciation and co-creation. You can even repair broken bonds and restore the magic of your team's talent. Don't give up...dig in!

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Building Your Meditation Practice

This five part class will give you the foundation and tools of Focused Awareness Meditation. Experience an awakening that is deeply personal and empowering--and that will remain in your mind’s eye and guide your choices in the year to come.

We offer Chaos to Calm both online and in our Ridgecrest studio. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Nice to meet you! 

I’m Dalisia, founder of REVIVE Learning & Wellness and a certified life coach, meditation & yoga teacher, and wellness retreat leader. My team and I work with clients to heal their minds and bodies from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose. I am so excited you've made it this far and I want to encourage you to continue this journey with us. This just might be your BEST YEAR EVER!...if you're willing to invest in some high-quality YOU TIME! Get in touch for more information on our classes, coaching & retreats.


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  • Weekly in-studio classes       
  • Monthly nutrition classes
  • Guided meditations for home
  • Access to our wellness library
  • Monthly member socials
  • 15% discount on our special events, classes & retreats
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